Guan Ni Lai Zi Na Ke Xing (2021)

Guan Ni Lai Zi Na Ke Xing (2021)


Xing Xing is the owner of a traditional hanfu clothing shop. She has a bright personality and is very hard working. One day, she was kidnapped by a mysterious man from Tianting Xing. Tianting Xing is a celestial star sect from heaven that has existed for the past 5000 years. She also has unexpectedly fallen in love with Yu Tianqi, the grandson of Tianting Xing leader. As she learned more about the Celestial Stars, she discovered that she was actually the crystallization of the forbidden love affair of the human ‘immortal’. The half-human half-immortal in the world was an excellent material for cultivating “Mortal Pills”.

Other Name: 管你来自哪颗星

Released: Nov. 05, 2021




Cast: N/A

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